In the LR-99 clinical trial, subjects took LR-99 supplementation for 12 weeks (3 months).
The effect of LR-99 on BMI reduction (weight loss) started to show at the 6-week mark,
and improvement in certain neurodevelopmental aspects exhibited after 12 weeks (end of the trial).
As it takes time for probiotics to establish colonies in the gut and transform the gut flora,
it is important to take AiPPO continuously for at least 3 months.

  • Non-Drug Formula

    Scientifically formulated compound psychobiotics as non-drug solution to ASD

  • Clinically Validated

    Functions of psychobiotics well-studied in human clinical research

  • Breast Milk Origin

    All three psychobiotic strains originated from breast milk: natural and safe

  • Patent-Protected

    Use of core strain LR-99 in ASD intervention protected by patent certification

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