What happens in the first month of taking LR-99?

1. Store LR-99 in the refrigerator

As soon as you receive the box, bring it in and put each bottle of LR-99 in the fridge. It's okay if the box is not cold. If the weather is warm and any accompanying ice packs have melted, don't worry!

We strive to ensure that you get a full clinical dose every time you take LR-99 - that is, each bag contains at least 699 billion CFU.

Most probiotic manufacturers are happy to put the correct CFU in the bottle at the factory and then hope for the best. At AiPPO, we go to great lengths to make sure LR-99 is as effective as the label says when you take it.

We do this in four ways:

Each bag contains more live bacteria than promised
Quickly shipped to you from our warehouse in the United States
Transported on ice in hot weather to keep LR-99 cool
Remind you to always keep LR-99 in the bottle and mostly in the refrigerator


2. Take LR-99 every day

The time of day you take LR-99 can be whatever suits you best. Some adults with autism find they prefer to take it in the morning. If you're giving LR-99 to a child, you can try the best time of day, or even split the dose if necessary. In clinical studies, parents can freely choose the best time of day for children with autism.

If you cannot swallow capsules, feel free to open the capsule and mix the powder into a cold, non-acidic drink or cold food.

The timing and method of taking LR-99 daily is flexible. It's important to take LR-99 every day for neurological health benefits, and always keep LR-99 cool and dry. LR-99 should be kept in its own bottle for maximum potency, and it's best kept in the fridge.

We suggest setting reminders on your phone or using visual cues to help you remember LR-99, rather than adding it to a pill box. You can keep the current bottle of LR-99 on the counter for up to 14 days, away from direct sunlight and humidity. Be sure to keep all extra bottles in the fridge for long-term storage, so they're at their most potent at their "best by" date.


3. Adjust to new probiotics

Whenever you make significant changes to your diet or add new probiotics, your gut may need some time to adjust. When you start taking LR-99, you may feel a bit bloated, have abdominal distension, or changes in stool consistency. Any gastrointestinal discomfort should be mild and should subside within a few days to a week.

If you have an allergic reaction or intestinal problems that you cannot resolve yourself, stop taking LR-99 and consult your healthcare provider.

4. Pay attention to neurological health benefits

LR-99 contains a unique neuroactive probiotic strain in its active ingredients - Lactobacillus Royei LR99, which is sourced from breast milk. Lactobacillus Royei LR99 has been found to help:

- Attention - reduce inattention, reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity
- Emotion - reduce anxiety, and observations show reduced anxious behavior
- Movement - improve motor inabilities and daily life activities
- Sleep quality - less likely to wake up during deep sleep
Preclinical studies suggest these benefits may be due to changes in serotonin and/or dopamine signaling or metabolism when taking LR-99. Not everyone will experience all types of benefits, and their appearance varies from person to person.

*How can you tell if LR-99 is helping you? We suggest writing down the details of the difficulties you usually encounter in attention, emotion, movement and/or sleep quality. Your doctor may also suggest things to look out for.
After taking LR-99 for 4 weeks or longer, record any changes. Asking people close to you what differences they've noticed in you may also be helpful.

Here are some examples of changes reported by LR-99 customers and participants in clinical studies and their families:
- More regular sleep at night
- "Extra breaths" before experiencing an autism meltdown
- Reduced sensory overload, allowing for a broader range of activities
- Shorter "shutdown" periods, more convenient movement

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